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The bracket at the top is current/active bracket for the season. Prior brackets held earlier in the season are below. Furthest down are the results for each game. At U8 and U9, we display only the scores, not the standings - except for the competitive CCSL Prep division.

Rec Teams playing in U13-14 Brackets: Look for your schedule and standings under U14.

For any game with a missing score, coaches may report the score by clicking "report."
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Missing Scores (It could take up to 72 hours for a result to be posted after a report is filled)
3/12/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSF Glens Hotspurs SF Glens Milan Report
3/12/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthSF Glens Rockets Alvarado Crimson Cougars Report
3/12/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1St Brigid Pilots Town School Koalas Report
3/12/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Awesome Opossums McKinley Strikers B8 Report
3/12/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthMiraloma Thunder Dragons GoodSam Eagles Black Report
3/12/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthFairmount Falcons B8 Rooftop Hornets Report
3/12/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthSFDS Nighthawks SK Hawks B8 Report
3/12/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Seals B8 Jaguars Blue Brandeis Lions Report
3/12/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthCL White Wolves BAGU Shooting Stars Report
3/12/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Sloat Volcanoes Lycee Tresor U8 Report
3/19/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameCL White Wolves bye Report
3/19/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSt. Thomas Wildcats M8 bye Report
3/19/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSK Eagles bye Report
3/19/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthSFDS Nighthawks St Brigid Pilots Report
4/9/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSK Hawks B8 bye Report
4/9/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSF Coyotes M8 Town School Koalas Report
4/9/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSFVSC B07 Black bye Report
4/9/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameFairmount Falcons B8 bye Report
4/16/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameRooftop Hornets bye Report
4/16/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameLycee Tresor U8 bye Report
4/16/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSFDS Nighthawks bye Report
4/16/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameAwesome Opossums Town School Koalas Report
4/23/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameMcKinley Strikers B8 bye Report
4/23/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameBAGU Shooting Stars bye Report
4/23/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameEFC 07B Stuart Hall bye Report
4/30/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameGrattan Gorillas bye Report
4/30/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSF Glens Hotspurs bye Report
4/30/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSt Brigid Pilots bye Report
4/30/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSoccer Kids of the Hill GoodSam Eagles Black Report
5/7/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameTown School Koalas bye Report
5/7/201612:00 PMMission PlaygroundSeals B8 Jaguars Blue Alvarado Crimson Cougars Report
5/14/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameAwesome Opossums bye Report
5/14/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSloat Volcanoes bye Report
5/14/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameMiraloma Thunder Dragons bye Report
5/14/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkFairmount Falcons B8 SK Eagles Report
5/14/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1St. Thomas Wildcats M8 St Brigid Pilots Report
5/21/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameSt Brigid Pilots McKinley Strikers B8 Report

Official Games
3/12/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkSoccer Kids of the Hill0Grattan Gorillas0Report
3/12/201611:00 AMMinnie & Lovie 3 (small)Monroe Monarchs U82CL Lilienthal Green Wolves0Report
3/12/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSK Eagles0EFC 07B Stuart Hall0Report
3/12/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthGlen Park Ocean Waves0St. Thomas Wildcats M80Report
3/12/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkMiraloma Lightning Dragon0SFVSC B07 Black0Report
3/19/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthSF Glens Rockets6CL Lilienthal Green Wolves1Report
3/19/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Town School Koalas5McKinley Strikers B82Report
3/19/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkMiraloma Thunder Dragons0Soccer Kids of the Hill4Report
3/19/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthSFVSC B07 Black1SF Glens Hotspurs9Report
3/19/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1SK Hawks B81Awesome Opossums1Report
3/19/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkFairmount Falcons B82Peabody Orcas B192Report
3/19/201612:00 PMPalega Rec CenterSeals B8 Jaguars Blue2Monroe Monarchs U81Report
3/19/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthSF Coyotes M80Glen Park Ocean Waves4Report
3/19/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkLycee Tresor U81Miraloma Lightning Dragon1Report
3/19/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthRooftop Hornets3Grattan Gorillas2Report
3/19/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthGoodSam Eagles Black0EFC 07B Stuart Hall3Report
3/19/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Brandeis Lions1Alvarado Crimson Cougars4Report
3/19/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthSF Glens Milan4SF Dolphins3Report
3/19/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1BAGU Shooting Stars3Sloat Volcanoes4Report
4/2/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Town School Koalas5SK Hawks B82Report
4/2/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthSF Dolphins8SFVSC B07 Black0Report
4/2/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Awesome Opossums7St Brigid Pilots0Report
4/2/201611:30 AMPalega Rec CenterBrandeis Lions0SF Glens Rockets3Report
4/2/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkGrattan Gorillas5Fairmount Falcons B82Report
4/2/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthSt. Thomas Wildcats M82SF Coyotes M80Report
4/2/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSF Glens Hotspurs4Lycee Tresor U82Report
4/2/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthPeabody Orcas B196Miraloma Thunder Dragons0Report
4/2/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthMcKinley Strikers B80SFDS Nighthawks3Report
4/2/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Alvarado Crimson Cougars0Monroe Monarchs U83Report
4/9/201612:00 PMMission PlaygroundMonroe Monarchs U85Brandeis Lions1Report
4/16/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthCL Lilienthal Green Wolves2Monroe Monarchs U82Report
4/16/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkGoodSam Eagles Black3Fairmount Falcons B84Report
4/16/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthSF Dolphins5Sloat Volcanoes0Report
4/16/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Glen Park Ocean Waves2SK Hawks B85Report
4/16/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkEFC 07B Stuart Hall1Miraloma Thunder Dragons0Report
4/16/201612:00 PMMission PlaygroundAlvarado Crimson Cougars6SF Glens Rockets0Report
4/16/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthSt Brigid Pilots4SF Coyotes M80Report
4/16/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSF Glens Milan1CL White Wolves0Report
4/16/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthGrattan Gorillas5SK Eagles0Report
4/16/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthPeabody Orcas B193Soccer Kids of the Hill1Report
4/16/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthMcKinley Strikers B81St. Thomas Wildcats M82Report
4/16/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Brandeis Lions4Seals B8 Jaguars Blue4Report
4/16/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthSF Glens Hotspurs8Miraloma Lightning Dragon1Report
4/16/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1SFVSC B07 Black2BAGU Shooting Stars6Report
4/23/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthCL Lilienthal Green Wolves2SF Glens Rockets3Report
4/23/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Town School Koalas3Glen Park Ocean Waves5Report
4/23/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkGrattan Gorillas0GoodSam Eagles Black0Report
4/23/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthLycee Tresor U84CL White Wolves1Report
4/23/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1St. Thomas Wildcats M81Awesome Opossums4Report
4/23/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSK Eagles2Miraloma Thunder Dragons1Report
4/23/201612:00 PMMission PlaygroundMonroe Monarchs U84Seals B8 Jaguars Blue1Report
4/23/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthSK Hawks B82St Brigid Pilots0Report
4/23/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSFVSC B07 Black1Sloat Volcanoes1Report
4/23/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthSoccer Kids of the Hill2Fairmount Falcons B85Report
4/23/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthPeabody Orcas B193Rooftop Hornets4Report
4/23/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthSF Coyotes M80SFDS Nighthawks6Report
4/23/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Alvarado Crimson Cougars3Brandeis Lions2Report
4/23/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthSF Dolphins4SF Glens Hotspurs2Report
4/23/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1SF Glens Milan4Miraloma Lightning Dragon1Report
4/24/20168:00 AMBeach Chalet 1 ABMiraloma Lightning Dragon0BAGU Shooting Stars0Report
4/30/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthSF Glens Rockets1Brandeis Lions3Report
4/30/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1St. Thomas Wildcats M83Town School Koalas3Report
4/30/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkPeabody Orcas B191EFC 07B Stuart Hall2Report
4/30/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthMiraloma Lightning Dragon0SF Dolphins7Report
4/30/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1Awesome Opossums8SF Coyotes M80Report
4/30/201612:00 PMMission PlaygroundCL Lilienthal Green Wolves3Seals B8 Jaguars Blue0Report
4/30/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthMcKinley Strikers B83SK Hawks B82Report
4/30/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSloat Volcanoes0SF Glens Milan4Report
4/30/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthSK Eagles1Rooftop Hornets5Report
4/30/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthMiraloma Thunder Dragons1Fairmount Falcons B85Report
4/30/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthGlen Park Ocean Waves1SFDS Nighthawks8Report
4/30/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Monroe Monarchs U81Alvarado Crimson Cougars1Report
4/30/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthCL White Wolves0SFVSC B07 Black3Report
4/30/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1BAGU Shooting Stars0Lycee Tresor U83Report
5/7/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthCL Lilienthal Green Wolves2Brandeis Lions3Report
5/7/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1SK Hawks B82St. Thomas Wildcats M82Report
5/7/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkSK Eagles1Peabody Orcas B193Report
5/7/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthSloat Volcanoes2SF Glens Hotspurs6Report
5/7/201610:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1SF Coyotes M80McKinley Strikers B87Report
5/7/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkMiraloma Thunder Dragons0Grattan Gorillas4Report
5/7/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthSFDS Nighthawks3Awesome Opossums3Report
5/7/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkCL White Wolves1SF Dolphins5Report
5/7/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthFairmount Falcons B85EFC 07B Stuart Hall3Report
5/7/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthRooftop Hornets3GoodSam Eagles Black2Report
5/7/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthSt Brigid Pilots2Glen Park Ocean Waves5Report
5/7/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1SF Glens Rockets0Monroe Monarchs U83Report
5/7/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthLycee Tresor U87SFVSC B07 Black1Report
5/7/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1BAGU Shooting Stars0SF Glens Milan3Report
5/14/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthCL Lilienthal Green Wolves3Alvarado Crimson Cougars2Report
5/14/20169:00 AMLarsen Park Field #1SK Hawks B85SF Coyotes M80Report
5/14/20169:15 AMBeach Chalet 1 CDTown School Koalas6SFDS Nighthawks1Report
5/14/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthCL White Wolves0Miraloma Lightning Dragon3Report
5/14/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkEFC 07B Stuart Hall0Grattan Gorillas0Report
5/14/201612:00 PMMission PlaygroundBrandeis Lions0Monroe Monarchs U81Report
5/14/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthMcKinley Strikers B81Glen Park Ocean Waves3Report
5/14/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkLycee Tresor U82SF Dolphins1Report
5/14/20162:00 PMGrattan SouthGoodSam Eagles Black0Peabody Orcas B191Report
5/14/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthRooftop Hornets4Soccer Kids of the Hill0Report
5/14/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1Seals B8 Jaguars Blue3SF Glens Rockets0Report
5/14/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthSFVSC B07 Black0SF Glens Milan5Report
5/14/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1BAGU Shooting Stars1SF Glens Hotspurs4Report
5/21/20165:00 AMBYE - No GameEFC 07B Stuart Hall0Soccer Kids of the Hill0Report
5/21/20169:00 AMGrattan SouthAlvarado Crimson Cougars6CL Lilienthal Green Wolves0Report
5/21/20169:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkGrattan Gorillas3Peabody Orcas B190Report
5/21/201610:00 AMGrattan SouthSF Glens Milan4Lycee Tresor U84Report
5/21/201610:00 AMLouis Sutter ParkSoccer Kids of the Hill2Town School Koalas2Report
5/21/201612:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkGoodSam Eagles Black0SK Eagles1Report
5/21/20161:00 PMGrattan SouthSFDS Nighthawks6St. Thomas Wildcats M82Report
5/21/20161:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkSF Glens Hotspurs0CL White Wolves3Report
5/21/20163:00 PMGrattan SouthRooftop Hornets5Miraloma Thunder Dragons1Report
5/21/20164:00 PMGrattan SouthGlen Park Ocean Waves1Awesome Opossums0Report
5/21/20164:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1SF Glens Rockets1Seals B8 Jaguars Blue1Report
5/21/20165:00 PMGrattan SouthMiraloma Lightning Dragon2Sloat Volcanoes5Report
5/21/20165:00 PMLarsen Park Field #1SF Dolphins7BAGU Shooting Stars0Report

Friendly Games
5/7/20162:00 PMLouis Sutter ParkMiraloma Lightning Dragon2Soccer Kids of the Hill2Report

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